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Costa Rica is a nature destination offering to the visitor a lot of different destinations to enjoy. Beach, adventure, nature, nightlife, relaxation, mountains, forest, freshwater can be enjoyed in this beautiful country.

Maybe one of the most important questions you have to start planning your Costa Rica trip is how to be transported in Costa Rica between destinations using the best Costa Rica Transportation.

You do not need to make that question anymore because in this Costa Rica transportation website you can find all the information that you need to know regarding how to find the best quality transportation in Costa Rica with the best price and vehicles.

We are a Costa Rica transportation website designed with the mean objective to offer the best prices for Costa Rica transportation from anywhere to anywhere without paying the extra money and making sure that you are going to be transported very safe in Costa Rica using our private and shuttle transportation around the Costa Rica country.

Costa Rica Transportation website works with the most certificated transport operators in Costa Rica offering to the visitors very safe, comfortable and fast transportation between any destination in Costa Rica.

Private Transportation In Costa Rica

The Costa Rica private transportation offers to Costa Rica visitors more flexibility when they are traveling. The Costa Rica private transportation is operated with new private vehicles with very comfortable seats and air conditioning.

If you need to be picked up at the San Jose or Liberia international airports to go to any destination in Costa Rica on the same day, the Costa Rica private transportation is the best transfer option that you can reserve for your first day in Costa Rica. The driver is going to pick you up at the airport with your name added on a board that you can identify very quick, then the private transportation driver will give you enough time at the airport for customs.

After picking you up at the international airport the private transportation driver will transport you to your hotel destination. If you need to make some stops during the way you are able to do it since our private transportation driver is able to make a few stops in restaurants, souvenirs, stores, bathrooms or anywhere where you feel like you need to stop.

Costa Rica transportation website offers the best prices on the internet looking to offer you the best transport service in Costa Rica. If you feel like our prices are expensive please send us an email and we will be so happy to try to offer a better price.

Shuttle Transportation In Costa Rica

The Costa Rica shuttle transportation is a very good way to save money during your Costa Rica vacation. This mean of transportation allows you to split the minibus with more Costa Rica visitors who are traveling to the same destination than you at the same time. The Costa Rica shuttle transportation is not too much flexible than the Costa Rica private transportation because shuttle transportation leaves from different Costa Rica destinations at specific schedules so you will need to be ready at the pickup time confirmed by the shuttle transport operator.

Normally the Costa Rica shuttle transportation takes from 3 hours to 6 hours to get your destination including 15 minutes to stop in a restaurant to take a little break depending.

Costa Rica transportation website works with the most popular and organized Costa Rica shuttle transportation companies to guarantee that your trip will be very safe and without troubles. The minibusses used to operate the shuttle transportation accommodate from 1 person to 6 people per bus so you can be sure that you are going to travel very comfortable during your trip.

The Costa Rica shuttle transportation has a restriction of how many luggage you can bring with you so they allow you to bring 1 suitcase and 1 small backpack without extra charges, but if you bring more you will need to pay an extra price of $10 per extra luggage you bring. Private transportation allows you to bring all the luggage you want.

Taxi Boat Taxi Between Arenal and Monteverde in Costa Rica

Arenal and Monteverde in Costa Rica are divided for an artificial lake created to produce electricity, so the faster way to get Arenal from Monteverde or Monteverde from Arenal is the very popular mean of transportation named Taxi Boat Taxi.

Taxi Boat ServiceTaxi Boat, jeep boat jeep or car boat car takes 3 hours to get Monteverde or Arenal. A minibus will pick you up at your hotel in Arenal or Monteverde to transport you to Rio Chiquito where a boat will be waiting for you to cross the Arenal lake in a 45 minutes boat ride. At the other side of the lake, there will be a second minibus waiting for you to transport you to La Fortuna town in 30 minutes.

If you do not want to across the Arenal lake the other option you have is to take a Costa Rica shuttle transportation or Costa Rica private transportation rounding the Arenal lake who will take one more hour than the taxi boat taxi transportation between Arenal and Monteverde or Monteverde and Arenal.