Carara Biological Reserve

Carara Biological Reserve Tour
Carara Biological Reserve TourThe reserve is located in the Pacific, along the Rio Grande de Tarcoles, southeast of the city of Orotina, Puntarenas province and covers an area of ​​4,700 hectares. Carara is located in a transition zone between the dry forest and rain forest in the North Pacific region of Costa Rica, this reserve protects ecosystems not found in any other field of conservation. It is also an island completely surrounded by forest land dedicated to human activity.

Created to facilitate research education, science and the environment, this area is considered an excellent living laboratory in which to study the structure and function of tropical ecosystems. Carara has several ecosystems such as wetlands, lagoons and gallery forests, primary and secondary. Stationery Tarcoles River Flooding in an area east of the reserve of the marshes. These areas are rich in birds, amphibians and reptiles are also attached to these species habitats. The lake occupies a large abandoned lot Tarcoles River, measures 600mts long and 40 m wide and 2 feet deep. It covers almost lilies and plants, among others.

Wildlife is abundant. It can detect the peccary, a soda horse, hammer, agouti, coati, the washing machine, ocelot, monkey face, two-toed sloths, deer and fox raccoon Tolomuco four eyes. One of the most sought after birds because of its beautiful plumage, Scarlet Macaw disappeared almost call this area home. Other birds are the peacock, hummingbird, and tucancillo. Among the aforementioned animal species are endangered. Carara also has several pre-Columbian indigenous occupations.

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